Hey! I’m John. I live in Greenville, SC. It’s pretty. I have a wife, Lauren, and a cat, Wendy. We like going to baseball games, a lot. I also met this guy. It was weird.

I graduated from Furman University. It is also pretty. I’ve been a contract web developer since 2009. I like to work with Ruby on Rails, and more recently, Meteor. I was part of the startup Vybe, a music aggregation iOS app which has gone the way of so many startups.

I co-founded a company called BRDDG with two of my buddies. We like building good things.

I have done work for Newspring. Currently, I’m helping to build a secret new platform for them.

Also, I have done a lot of work for Bethel Music and WorshipU. I built their online school from scratch, including a custom video encoding and delivery solution built on AWS.

In my free time, I like to make coffee and make music. I’ve made a few albums with my friends, check them out: